Here I have compiled a list of a lot of resources that have helped me to learn how to trade. 


Lets start with the basics of trading. Here's what you need to know.. I trade OPTIONS contracts and FOREX (foreign exchange market). First what is the stock market?

Next, how does it work?

What can I trade? Stocks, Options, FOREX (foreign exchange market), and FUTURES...

Now that you have some concept of what we are trading, u need to know how to read a price chart.

How to draw basic trendlines:

Also read up on volume price analysis. Its crucial to have volume. We need other people thinking the same thing we are thinking.

Here is a playlist explaing basic patterns that occur in on price charts:


Now that you know some of the absolute basics. I will teach you what i use to trade. First we must start with Fibonacci. There is a sequence of numbers and ratios that occur over and over again in the market.

Once you learn these ratios, you can apply them to any chart and any time frame. I have made some videos explaining how i do this, but first we must also look at something Else. That is elliot wave theory.

Read up on elliot wave theory. It is everything. Knowing elliot wave can turn you into a predictive trader and give you insight into the future.

I have compiled a list of subjects and categories above to help those who Have the time to study and would like to learn more about the markets. It may act as a guide or an outline. It start with basics and ends with more advanced subjects so I encourage all to at least look it over if you are ever searching for knowledge.



Here is another link for Elliot wave that describes the theory and gives you a examples on how to trade it and when to enter.


This link will show you how to 'Pyramid' positions (add to winning positions) 

Here is a good source for an introduction to Fibonacci use and strategies for anyone who is interested. 2018 -


Some good info on common retracement and extension levels for Elliot waves and also some not so common pattern setups some of you may not know.

Link to a pdf book by Carolyn Boroden. It’s very thorough and goes over many market examples on how to use Fibonacci in trading:


Link to astrology and the stock markets. ( the planets have an effect on human emotion, and in turn this can effect stock prices )

More Astrology and the Financial Martkets:

Great Website for Astro Trading:

YOUTUBE VIDEOS learn to trade using Planets:

Here is a gann square of nine calculator and trading system all free:

Definitive guide to Ganns Square of 9 pdf:

Here is another video i made with the simple PREVIOUS HI/LOW strategy:

HOW to add the TTM Squeeze Scan to scan for stocks in a squeeze or not in a squeeze

Import real-time quotes into excel


some of the best price action videos on the net:

How to import a shared study into TOS: