Using Dr. Alexander Elder's Tide, Wave, and Ripple technique and thinking of the market as an ocean, this indicator will plot 3 moving averages from whatever time frame you want onto your charts. The lines are dynanically colored depending on their slope. When all are sloped down it will paint price red to reflect this bearish sentiment. When all are up it will paint price to show bulllish favor. This indicator goes a step deeper and also uses the TTM Squeeze indicator as a sort of short term trend filter, and then uses a MACD function to determine the short term momentem and generates buy and sell signals when it reads momentum shifts in the direction of the 3 moving averages. This will keep you trading with the trend. Also it will paint a cloud between all of the moving averages which will act as a dynamic support and resistance. Very solid as a stand alone trading system. In the pictures you will be able to see that this indicator is capable of plotting Simple, exponential, weighted, hull, and variable moving averages, and can import from 1m, 3m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 60m, 120m, 4hr, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Time Frames. 

Tide, Wave, Ripple 3 Moving Avg Strategy

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