Here is a list of my own indicators or indicators that I have found that were open source downloads. If you wish to get some of my premium indicators than please visit my Premium Indicators page.




MACD_HLC_Weighted :

Weights the Hi, Lo, and close of the candle for the MACD in an attempt to make a slightly more smoothed MACD that avoids false signals.


similar to TTM WAVE

Auto Trendline:

Automatically draws trendlines on the chart


Forex Cheat Sheet :

This study is a "cheat sheet" of labels for your futures or forex chart. \n It shows the tick size, \n gain/loss for a 1 tick move in the futures price, \n the multiplier or per share equivalent for 1 contract, and \n the risk/max loss for 1 contract.

Auto Fibonacci Ambush Lines :

Finds lowest low or highest hi for designated time frame and then plots some fib ratio lines that may act as support or resitance. 

Auto Fibonacci FAN Lines :

Plots auto fibonacci fan lines using highest hi or low on chart.

Auto Fibonacci Time Lines :

Plots auto fibonacci Time Ratio lines using highest hi or low on chart.

Auto Fibonacci Retrace :

Automatically plot fib retracements based on lows or highs on the charts.

USE the 3 session indicators below to have all of your sessions mapped out. I recommend using on 15m chart:

Session Indicator (Shadow Boxes):

Paints a box around the specified time ranges for each session 

Session Indicator (London and Asian) :

Paints a box around the specified time ranges for each session

Session Indicator (US and Shadow BOX) :

Paints a box around the specified time ranges for each session

Resistance Zone Break :

I designed this to paint a grey channel for when price is relatively dormant.

When price breaks above or below this channel look for entries as price is likely to break out.

4 MA Strategy :

Uses 4 different moving avgs all built into 1 indicator to give buy or sell signals. Also Paints a cloud between each moving avg so you can use

them as dynamic support and resistance. 

COG (Center of Gravity):

Forms a high and a low adaptive channel. When price is above or below the channel look to sell or buy

HH(highest high) LL (lowerst low) Channel (similar to donchian channel) :

When price break above HH line go long, breakds below LL line go short. Re-enter when price comes back to the midline (counts number of bars backwards)

Hurst Regression Channel :

Similar to COG 

High Low and Midpoint:

draws the highest high and lowest low of a particular period along with the middle point of those two points (can select multiple time frames)

Ichimoku_TK_only :

draws Tenkan and Kijun only with a cloud between the two.

Range Finder Hi_Low_Mid_Sqz_ :

This was and experiment tracking previous days hi and low, and then plotting fibonacci retracement and extension levels and daily pivots based off of these levels, as well as plotting the previous hi and low and projecting the likely levels for reversals. Also it comes with bullish and bearish signals and the lines change color. CYAN = when price is in a squeeze. Usually a powerful move follows within a day or two after a squeeze day, so the range adjusts to compensate for the large move that is likely to follow. 

Fibonacci Standard Deviation Channel :

Paints a  Standard Deviation Channel with fib levels and color codes the lines to form a range. When price reaches extremes expect reversals. The layered Fib levels in between act as supprt and resistances. 

World Trading Hours :

Adds Vertical lines for the open and close of all sessions.

Wick Boss Reversal :

Alerts reversal candles based on wick lengths relative to candle size. Would work well on daily chart paired with volume spikes.

RSI Paintbar :

Paints price bars magenta when overbought and yellow when oversold.

RSI 4hr :

Plots 4hr RSI on lower time frame charts.

Midpoint Moving Averages :

Plots two Moving averages that get their value based on the highest high and lowest low of specified period divided by two, instead of averaging all of the bars in between. This helps to get moving avg crossovers of daily levels more clearly and minimizes some of the false crossovers. 

Everything else below comes from

I found these on this site,

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IMPORTANT: after you import any Scan, go to Scan tab and click on top right menu icon to select the saved query.  Then edit the filters and add any extra filters, and select watchlist of symbols with liquid options top left Scan In.  Now click on top right menu icon and Save Query to save your changes.


Hopefully you found some goodies buried in this huge list of resources.